Hiroko Murayama CV



Kanazawa College of Art (Kanazawa, 1994)
Textile Design, Department of Design

Bunka fashion college (Tokyo, 1997)
Apparel Design Department, Fashion Engineering Specialized Course


Professional experiences:

Accostage Co.,Ltd.,(Apparel maker, Tokyo, Position: Designer and Patterner 1997 - 1998)

TO.M.s.r.l (currently "Isabella Tonchi", Fashion atelier, Milan, Position: Designer 1999 - 2001)

Studio Hiroko MURAYAMA, (Fashion design studio/Apparel maker, Milan, Position: Owner 2003 - 2010)

・ Original brand Hiroko MURAYAMA (Milan) production/wholesale/retail (2003.6 ~ 2010.1)
  Exhibited at the apparel joint exhibition twice a year (spring/summer & autumn/winter) as an owner designer of an apparel maker, Paris/Milan (2003-2008)

・ Wedding dress maker Francesca (Ancona) consultant (2003)

・ Toyoshima (Milan) consultant (2003)

・ Collaboration with Aska masuda (Bag maker, Milan, Position: designer 2001-2004)

ULTRA Si (design company, Kanazawa, Position: Design director/co-founder, 2010-present) 

・ Design consultant for manufactures

Kanazawa College of Art(kanazawa, Associate Professor of Graduate School, Fashion Design Course, 2012 - 2021)

・ Designer EDUCATION

・ Several collaborative projects with textile manufacturers and universities. Advisor to several companies.



・ "Hiroko MURAYAMA X Eiji ICHIKAWA" at Gallery Fujita Vante (Tokyo 1997)

・ “Mostra12” (Milano 2000)

・ “Mostra11” (Milano 2001)

 ・ Research Production Presentation Exhibition COUME collection 2017 -designing tradition Kaga Yuzen / Tradition Design Production to face- Tokyo/Ishikawa (2017)

・ Research Production Presentation Exhibition ”Designing Tradition with Kaga Yuzen” Spazio Orso 16, Milan (2018)

・ Research Production Presentation Exhibition COUME Pop Up Shop, Grand Front Osaka, Osaka (2018)



・ Received the honour of having graduation art work be purchased by KANAZAWA College of Art(1994)

・ Won the excellence award of KIRYU Fashion Contest(1996)

・ Passed the Danish Saga fur International Competition. Take a two-week training program on fur locally ACADEMIC PAPERS

・ Received the Good Design Award 2019. Medical elastic stockings [Cool lara], Japan (2019)



・ Japan Apparel Fashion Industry Council(JAFIC); Platform member

・ Ishikawa Fashion Association;Director


Other activity :

・ Curated exhibition "Feel Japan's beauty -竹-" of Beppu Bamboo Products Corporative(Milan, 2007)

・ Professional training business "Kanazawa Fashion Business School" (Kanazawa City Consignment Project) Examination and Steering Committee, Ishikawa (2017-2019)

・ Currently enrolled in the doctoral program at Knowledge Science (Human Life Design Area), Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (2019-present)



https://hirokomurayama.com  https://coumekanazawa.com 


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