Medical elastic stockings "Cool Lara" received the 2019 Good Design Award. It was developed with the idea that patients undergoing treatment for lymphedema and varicose veins can spend their daily lives more enjoyably and comfortably under the challenge of how much design can intervene in the medical device class I field. It is a high-spec and fashionable product.(2nd Oct. 2019)

▪️Jury's evaluation
 The team with a wide variety of specialties came together, and it was highly evaluated that it was carefully designed with the aim of improving the QOL of patients as consumers, which was often overlooked in the conventional medical industry. With this product as a trigger, it is expected that similar movements will continue to spread to various other areas of the medical industry.

[Producer] Misako DAI
[Director] Hiroko Murayama /Betelplus corporation/Yoshida Tsukasa corporation
[Designer] Hiroko Murayama

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    02 Oct, 2019

Leaflet design: ULTRA SI

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